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We are a group of researchers with expertise in the area of Mechanical / Thermal / Aerospace Engineering. The incorporation aims at developing new technologies and provide services in the area of Flow and thermal engineering.

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Savvy Buoy - A Product of InnoFlow Research Labs

Indian coast has an estimated wave energy capacity of 40,000 MW which is still untapped. SavvyBuoy is a wave energy converter that taps into this resource, providing an economically viable solution for harnessing energy from waves. SavvyBuoy's modular design of 40KW capacity reduces the unit cost while also providing an option for large cluster systems. The SavyBuoy can be installed on existing coastal structures like piers, bridges, & port structures and thereby significantly reducing the capital investment.

Salient features

AI based intelligent control with predictive correction

Modular design and direct integration to grid

Higher efficiency and use of existing manmade structures


Jabir E

Managing Director

Neeraj Paul

Chief Executive Officer

Reji RV

Executive Director

Arun K K

Project Manager

Rugma S

Trainee Engineer

Sarath C G

Trainee Engineer

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